How to grant your Hibu SEO Team access to post on your Google My Business page


Sign in to Google My Business


If your business has multiple locations, click on the location you’d like to grant us access to


From the menu on the left-hand side of the page, click “Users


In the pop-up box, click the “+User” icon in the upper right corner of the box, and select “Invite new users” from the dropdown menu


In the “+Add names or email addresses” field, enter 5514300819, being careful not to include any extra spaces at the front or back, and select the ‘Hibu Online Presence’ location group that appears.


Select “Owner“ from the “Choose a role” dropdown menu and click “INVITE."



The user screen will then show that Hibu Online Presence was invited as an owner.


For more information about granting your Hibu SEO Team access to your Google My Business page, visit